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Geeky dad of two who is desperately hoping 40 is the new 16. Comic nut. Linux user. Aspiring programmer.

Brock Least is a freak. If he can get a submission or out win at UFC before returning to Summer Slam his legit promo factor goes through the roof. Don't expect him to loose much after he comes back. If ever.

Brock Lesnar to compete at UFC 200 prior to return at major WWE event - WWE via @nuzzel

Fantastic Four wasn't so bad. It just wasn't that good.

1. Ben needs underwear.
2. Doom should have returned in the second act.
3. Reed shouldn't have run.
4. Was it Dr Doom or Annihilus?
5. The team up was too easy.
6. Where the heck was Yancy Street?
7. Doom can scanner people but we can say Negative Zone?

But other than those things it wasn't horrible.

My favorite gear topic. Flashlights. Via the Gear Obsession Channel.

RC Paper Air Plane via Gear Obsession Channel.

Best line ever:

"No one stays dead in the Marvel Cinematic Universe except Terrance Howard!"

Epic Achievement Unlocked

I'm sorry. Still F Cap. He killed is mother!!!

Another reset. Good God!!! Why they hell can't these companies get that we like our superheroes being who they are. All this new direction crap and changing up old characters without making new ones. Blah!!!

Once again CW should change the name of The Flash to "Barry Allen Makes REALLY Bad Decisions.". My God.

Flash Time. Thank you Hulu.

Find your towels. Happy Geek Pride Day everyone.