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Getting through the first five episodes of was worth it for the opening of episode 6.

Rosewood A.K.A "Black Bones"
Houdini and Doyle A.K.A "Old Bones"

I love Fox.

So much Cersei talk after finale. So funny how many people actually had hope that she would be a redeeming character.

Exhibit #1

Exhibit #2

These two scenes tell you all you need to know about Cersei "The Mad Queen". She is ambitious and smart. But her ambition is near sighted. She hates the old world where she was nothing more than a meek voice among dumb burly men. Cersei wanted true power. Absolute power. And she has no pity for any fools who underestimate her.

So if Cersei surprises you its your own fault.

Can we just call 2016 "The Year of Disney" already? It's like they are keeping the movie business alive by themselves.

I'm late but this is funny.

On GoT, I get Jon walked right into Ramsey's gambit. I totally agree that Jon did everything he was not supposed to do and should have lost the battle. But the key element in the "Jon is Stupid" argument is he was supposed to watch his bother die on the battle ground and not do anything about it. What makes sense to me is that is not Jon Snow. Everything we have learned about Jon Snow in these six seasons makes everything he did make sense. He loved his "siblings" even when we know they in their youth were very hard on him. He is more Ed Stark than any of the other "true" Stark children have shown up until now.

It was a dumb move but it was a move I can see Jon Snow making even with all the information he had at hand. Its possible he is the most caring character in the show. I wonder how he is still living but he is who he is. His actions may have betrayed his army but they were true to himself.

I think Meth is a byproduct of the Golden Stuffed Oreo baking process. They have the same effect on your health and are equally addictive.

Game of Thrones reaction? #$@& Yeah!!!!

It's not your father's Voltron. Which is odd because I'm a father and I saw the original. But this series is good. Just right mix of anime, camp, and modern social dynamics.

Check out Voltron: Legendary Defender