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Prerequisites For Supergirl On CW

1 min read

  1. No more sunny daytime scenes. All CW shows happen at best in 40% overcast.

  2. With a CW budget a show will have flying or heat vision but never in the same episode.

  3. Martian Manhunter's metamorphosis will consist of a lens flare transition from now on.

  4. Gay best friend to be introduced.

  5. Two words "Time Travel".

  6. Powergirl or Superwoman in season two. CW loves doppelgangers.

  7. Quadruple cross over.

Thoughts of a Dinosaur

2 min read

I'm old. I try to be as progressive and open minded as possible, but the more I look the more I see how far way the era I was born in is over. The 70s seem like a bad book now. And I was only around for half of them. But hippies and black power and plaid are as over. The biggest problem with that era is people from it are still in charge of things running the world like things have never changed.

Religious Freedom oddly enough isn't anything other than seperate but equal in my eyes. It is uncomfortable for someone who doesn't respect the humanity and civil rights of a person to want to share the same freedoms as them. Transgender, transsexual, non binary people don't slip in and out of a gender identity like cosplayers jump between anime school girl and Harry Potter outfits. They with much courage and at great risk identify with the gender they know they are. And even if I cannot fully understand what gender fluidity and being non binary really means I have to respect a fellow human being's plight.

I am heterosexual. That is all I know. And in a former life I was deathly afraid of anything homosexual. Growing up in New York I avoided The Village like the anti life formula was on ever street corner there. Through the years I learned that sexual identity, gender, race, religion, and physical abilities is all background. We are all humans. And as times passes the discomfort we feel is growing pains. The pain of the world we knew changing into something that with the right care is better and more productive. But trying to retard growth and change sets back all humanity. Separate but Equal isn't for the benefit of oppressed and marginalized. Its for the benefit of the empowered and entitled. It is to make them feel comfortable as a shelter to the onslaught of the tides of change. Building a shelter to the oncoming tide is not a solution. You have to embrace the change in climate. That is the only way as a civilization we adapt and evolve. Just saying.

Prince Rogers Nelson

2 min read

Prince Dirty Mind 1980

Dirty Mind - Prince 1980

I can remember seeing this album cover before Purple Rain. As Disney DX as it seems today having a dude in a bikini and trench coat on an album cover was pretty damn out the box by 1980s standards. I remember hearing some songs like Dirty Mind on the radio but my pre ten year old mind wasn't ready for the reality of Prince. After VHS copies and Showtime showings of Purple Rain came into the world I was well caught up.

Its funny now to think back in 1980 a dude in a bikini and trench coat was going to have as much of an impact on the musical landscape as anyone in the last 50 years maybe. And not just performances. He was as good on stage as he was behind and instrument. A prolific song writer. He probably has songs that could be released once a month that no one else has ever heard that would last for decades. Its crazy that this guy from Minnesota in a bikini and trenchcoat would be an icon.

I know what is going to be on my playlist for the next few months.

Summer TV Makeup Work 2016

2 min read

I Love TV

I think I have more that established that fact. What is new about my boob tube love is the soul crushing number of shows that are on now. Its a chore just keeping up with them (thanks Series Guide). But it is more than clear to me that I'm going to have to do some make up watching during the summer months. So here are a few shows that are on my early summer watch list. Again not new shows. Things I haven't had time to finish.

The Blacklist

I miss The Blacklist so much. It was the first reason why I got my Hulu subscription. So when Netflix bought the rights to new seasons I was mad. And I expressed it in many four letter words. But with this summer coming I think I have to watch the latest season in full. Which is also a bit exciting because I don't have to wait for a new episode next week.

The Wire

I have a season and a half of The Wire left to finish. Halfway though the next to last season I got disinterested. I can't let that stop me for getting this merit badge in my collection. I will conquor The Wire. Just because.

The Walking Dead

I can't explain it. I love The Walking Dead. I was dedicated to this past season. And five episodes left I just stopped.I don't think the show dragged but it lost me somewhere. Just have to bear down and finish it.


I refuse to watch the first few seasons of Arrow. I just won't do it. But I've watch enough of this season for me to jump on and not be totally lost. So I think I'll start this one from the beginning and be happy with that. Plus I have to be up to date with the Arrow/Flash/Supergirl multiU.

American Horror Story

I dropped off during the carnaval season. Lots of catchup here.

House of Cards

I just need time for this one. Takes so much energy to focus and understand that tomfoolery that is happing.

Wow that is a lot. And I still have a bunch of shows that I usually watch that I have to prepare for. TV is becoming a job.

New Favorite Comic

2 min read

Power Man and Iron Fist (2016)

I have a new favorite comic. And the funny thing is I was never a fan before this. With the new Marvel soft-boot I've been trying out new comics is this strange new comic book world. And to say the least a lot of new Marvel is hit or miss. But issues 1 and 2 of Power Man and Iron Fist are awesome. It is like Lethal Weapon with super heroes.

Luke Cage is the old vet with a family. He has been around the block way too many times and is sick of the ride. He wants a slower and simpler life. Danny Rand is the adventure seeking not wrapped too tight Lethal Weapon. And when they get together trouble comes a running.

I actually got interested in Power Man Luke Cage during the Jessica Jones Netflix series. So I guess I was ready to jump in and read his pulp adventures. To say that the Netflix character and comic book version are about as far apart as they can be would be an understatement. But the "spirit" of the character is there. Anyhow I'm a fan. And will continue reading.

No One Is Safe

2 min read

In my continuing quest to watch way too much TV for a normal person I caught the premier of The Walking Dead tonight. And my God they did it. In their quest to be as different from the comic as possible the TV show is following Robert Kirkman's comic play by play recently. Which is exciting because for once I know what is going on. But no so cool for some of my favorite characters. But no spoilers here.

What is interesting is the difference between TWD and Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones relished being different from the start slowly but surely. But TWD was a parallel universe from the start. From Shane living to the Farm House to Dale not making it past the Farm House. Even the introduction to Tyreese lite. While the spirit of the characters and storylines were preserved things panned out a lot different. But since everyone got to Alexandria things are following the script pretty closely now. With some exceptions. GoT from what I've read from book summaries is Upside Down Town.

I can't tell what I like better. But I does create a shared sense of suspense for both the new fans and those in the know. Just another reason why there is way too much good TV on the air. I joke about it a lot but TV really is my hobby. Need to do something about it to properly channel it.

Top Five

2 min read

Top Five on Trakt

I can't believe I waited so long to watch Top Five. Really I can't believe I am not young enough to have taken a date out to see Top Five. Great romantic comedy with a little bit of dark too it. So much of it had me thinking it was a Eddie Murphy story of the typecast comedian who wanted to do something different. But it doesn't take long to get past that and enjoy the actual story.

Best part of the story is part of it was filmed in my old projects. East River Projects. I actually grew up on the River Side. But it is all the same. That White Castle is my biggest regret in life. They built it there the year I left for college. If I had just gone to Hunter or City College I would have had my first heart attack probably 15 years ago. Can't tell you how long I dreamed about living across the street from a White Castles.

Funny part about the movie is the commercials/trailers have you thinking it is a hip hop movie. And nothing could really be further from the truth. To me it felt like a story about being trapped. Trapped in life and not knowing what to do about it. Its so easy to be an adult and think you have no choices in where to go next. That you are stuck on a track just moving in a direction with no say in the matter. We all forget sometimes that happiness and success aren't always the same thing. That sometimes hard choices have to be made so that we can put ourselves in a position to be happy. Something I think we all know but rarely act upon (present company included). Sucks how much easier it is to figure out things than to have the confidence and strength to act upon them and execute.


Top Five is a great movie. Probably the best Chris Rock movie I've seen. May have to put it in my feel happy movie rotation.

Feminist Marvel

2 min read

I'm interested to know what my female comic book fans think of the new Marvel comics with female leads. My favorite pre Secret Wars (Battle World) was She-Hulk. So of course I'm reading Hellcat since it feels like a spiritual successor. I have to admit though that even though I'm not reading a ton of Marvel comics right now at least half are female lead.

  • Hellcat
  • A-Force
  • Captain Marvel
  • Thor

The two that really surprised me were Captain Marvel and Thor. I was never a Captain Marvel fan. I tried to read the pre Battle World comic but couldn't get into it. But the first two issues drew me in. And anything that makes we care about Alpha Flight is great writing. As with Thor I'm a old man who doesn't like change. So again the pre Battle World Lady Thor comic didn't do it for me. But this volume has me interested.

I don't like all the way's Marvel is achieving diversity. Peter Parker is Spider-Man, Thor is a big blond guy, and Hulk is a passive aggressive baby boomer with anger and abandonment issues. But somehow Marvel is getting the mix right with story telling and inclusion. really. Lets hope they don't do a New 52 and screw everything up.

Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo

2 min read

Civil War Again

So I'm Googling Miles Morales entering the Marvel Universe proper post Secret Wars when I read a recent IGN interview with Brian Michael Bendis. Ironically I'm a huge Miles fan while still being loyal to Peter Parker. So as I'm reading the article up come references to the next Marvel super event … Civil War 2.


Sometimes I believe a time lord went back to the mid 2000s and brain washed people into thinking that Civil War was great. Most people I knew feel like it was long and boring. But dang it I read details about the event and actually got interested.

“A mysterious new Marvel character comes to the attention of the world, one who has the power to calculate the outcome of future events with a high degree of accuracy. This predictive power divides the Marvel heroes on how best to capitalize on this aggregated information, with Captain Marvel leading the charge to profile future crimes and attacks before they occur, and Iron Man adopting the position that the punishment cannot come before the crime.”

I know I know its Minority Report. But Minority Report with super heroes. The social implications are interesting also. If you had the ability to stop crime with 99.3% accuracy would you do it? How forceful would you go after the pre criminals? And is a 0.7% degree of failure enough to decide between freedom, imprisonment, or even death? Hmmm.

Again I know. Minority Report. But we weren't getting a Minority Report 2. So we will get this in June.

Hard Core TV

1 min read

The Expanse

Episode 9 and 10 of the first season of The Expanse was some grusome TV. I'm getting closer and closer to getting the books. Great start for a series. Scifi action, great dialog and the plight of the oppressed. Especially after that slog of oa first episode. I guess in retrospect you had to have some emotionally investment in characters to understand the motivations of the main characters later on in the show. Not looking forward to waiting a full year till the new season though.