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@shanselman did my stream of glitch or did they cut the microwave ice tray story? If so I need a full podcast with that story.

I think Meth is a byproduct of the Golden Stuffed Oreo baking process. They have the same effect on your health and are equally addictive.

Game of Thrones reaction? #$@& Yeah!!!!

It's not your father's Voltron. Which is odd because I'm a father and I saw the original. But this series is good. Just right mix of anime, camp, and modern social dynamics.

Check out Voltron: Legendary Defender

I'm ashamed that A Glamping experience interested me so much. But of all these adult camping experiences wine camp is officially on my adult to-do list.

Brock Least is a freak. If he can get a submission or out win at UFC before returning to Summer Slam his legit promo factor goes through the roof. Don't expect him to loose much after he comes back. If ever.

Brock Lesnar to compete at UFC 200 prior to return at major WWE event - WWE via @nuzzel

Fantastic Four wasn't so bad. It just wasn't that good.

1. Ben needs underwear.
2. Doom should have returned in the second act.
3. Reed shouldn't have run.
4. Was it Dr Doom or Annihilus?
5. The team up was too easy.
6. Where the heck was Yancy Street?
7. Doom can scanner people but we can say Negative Zone?

But other than those things it wasn't horrible.

My favorite gear topic. Flashlights. Via the Gear Obsession Channel.

Ummm, it has been a while but are we (the general public) ever going to be told what was found on that cell phone the government was suing @apple to break into? They (the government) said they found a workaround. But shouldn't we have heard something by now?

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@marvel Peter Parker has the same Intelligence Rating as Steve Rogers and o e less than Hawkeye? You have some explaining to do.